Unveil the Hidden Treasures, A Bejeweled CIIE

Newborn High Jewelry Brand Joins the 5th CIIE


Treasure of 400 Years Debuts at the CIIE

This year, fine jewelry brand V MUSE's TREASURE collection includes an awe-inspiring range of historical jewelry treasures, the oldest of which is a gold and diamond based 1600s Renaissance pendant created by German court craftsmen. Before the discovery of the first South African diamond "Eureka" in 1867, diamond sources were scarce, coming only in small quantities from Brazil and India. As a result, diamonds were the most expensive items in the world. This pendant is made of top-quality diamonds, with delicate gold work and colorful enamel, demonstrating a superb level of artistic attainment. What makes this pendant even rarer is the fact that it has been perfectly preserved to this day, and is one of the oldest exhibits at the CIIE.

The Emerald Trifecta Vies for Brilliance

Three emerald treasures will enter the history of the CIIE, including an emerald tiara once a royal heirloom of the German royal family. This tiara will light up the exhibition hall alongside five more tiaras from various royal families of France, Spain, Denmark, and Austria with their brilliance. Another exhibit is a landmark piece of jewelry art consisting of a 200-carat emerald from the Mughal Empire of India, designed as an aigrette in the early 20th century by Coco Chanel's fiancé, the brilliant artist Paul Iribe. And last but not least, a 65-carat Colombian emerald carved into the mysterious face of Medusa, which has been called the "Mona Lisa of gems" and a "must-see art treasure" for its unsurpassed pinnacle of craftsmanship.


Gold Leaf - A Witness to History

The highlight of V MUSE's TREASURE must be the French national treasure "Gold Leaf", which is a leaf from the gold laurel crown French Emperor Napoleon I wore during his coronation in 1804. As the crown of the founding emperor of the Bonaparte dynasty of France, it was crafted with the utmost detail, with each lifelike gold leaf as light as a feather, and its veins as intricate as hair. Today, only two gold leaves are in existence, one in the Fontainebleau Palace in France and the other is coming to the CIIE, inviting visitors to witness history with their own eyes.

The Titans of Gemstones

Visitors cannot miss the 34-carat portrait diamond, the largest known portrait diamond in the world. A 31-carat sapphire brooch, twin in style to Queen Elizabeth II's beloved sapphire brooch, which was a wedding gift from the Archduchess of Austria a century ago and has been handed down to this day. The precious Order of the Golden Fleece medallion, made of diamonds, rubies, and sapphire, is the totem of the Order that has had only about 1,200 members in its nearly 600-year history.

The Birth of the Jewelry Brand

Mr. Louis Godart, the cultural advisor to three Italian presidents as well as a member of L'Institut de France, noted: "The splendid collection of V MUSE breaks the old Heraclitean adage that one can never bathe twice in the same water because "everything flows and nothing remains". Because by browsing the rooms where these works are exhibited, the visitor, in contact with these eternal objects, will be able to tear himself the space of a moment from the contingency of time that passes and live a moment of dream and eternity."

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